What do you take with you to a day at the beach?

You have a day off and you decide to go to the beach. This is a common choice if you want to get out of the house and enjoy a day off to the fullest. If you go to the beach you can choose to buy everything there. Think of a bed, lunch at a beach bar, and so on. This is of course delicious, but maybe you want to save on these costs and just lie in the sand. That’s why we give you some tips!

own food

It is of course wonderful to choose a beach bar to have a nice lunch and drink there, but this adds up nicely. If it just doesn’t suit you and your wallet won’t allow it, you can do it another way. Bring a cool box and make tasty snacks at home to eat on the beach. Think of wraps with salmon and cream cheese or truffle mayo and chicken breast. Provide some smaller snacks around it such as sausages, cubes of cheese, sandwiches with dip, and so on. This way you still provide a tasty snack, but in a cheaper way. Also don’t forget to buy an ice pack with a bottle of drink. This way you can still use an ice-cold drink to keep your head a bit cool. Because lukewarm drinks, we don’t do that of course,


So if you have chosen to lie on the beach yourself, a towel is of course indispensable. An umbrella is also always nice to take with you, so that you can sometimes lie in the shade. It is very important that you can protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen does this to a large extent, of course, but lying in a blazing sun all day is not good either. That is why it is never a bad idea to extinguish yourself in the sea every now and then. A beach chair is also a possibility. If you are tired of constantly lying down, you can grab your folded beach chair and sit for a while. You might also be better off reading a book or enjoying your music.

A good beach bag

Make sure you have a good and especially large beach bag in which you can store everything. If you are alone it is of course impossible to take all these attributes with you. A large beach bag makes this easier!

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